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Here is short biography of Marilyn
This website contains another biography, quotes, films, and poetry written by Marilyn herself

Marilyn the Legend. This website has links to all different aspects of Marilyn such as quotes, trivia, news, last writings, and even her will
About.com Women’s History has a biography about Marilyn that highlights the important aspects of her career
Marilyn Monroe: Marketing the Greatest Sex Symbol of All Time. This article explains the aspects of Marilyn as an image that helped her become a star

Marilyn Monroe: Obsession overload for sex symbol even 50 years after her death. This article is about Marilyn's life and how she continues to influence pop culture today
Transcript of a radio broadcast from Voice of America where they talk about Marilyn being the greatest sex symbol of all time
Marilyn Monroe Quotes on Love, Marriage and Sex
"Anatomy of a Sex Symbol" by Sheila O’Malley. This is an article written in Joan's Digest about what attributes Marilyn had that contributed to her being a sex symbol
The wikipedia article on Marilyn Monroe is well done.  Wikipedia suggests these additional sites for material about Marilyn: